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The following article is extracted from a press release about a company we can all learn from.  It’s called TellurideGlow, a company with a laser focus. In the world of hair replacement, we get sidetracked into promises of “confidence, success, anti-aging, being yourself again, being attractive to the opposite sex” and so on.  Where’s our focus?

 Telluride promises only one thing and says it beautifully, “Passion is ageless. We are passionate about sharing products that help people find confidence to wear every age beautifully.” 

 The company has a conscience too.  It is committed to, “Authentic green beauty; clean, undisturbed and sustainable.” 

 When you to read this article and check out TellurideGlow online (tellurideglow.com) you will  see how the text, the images, even the font combine to create a world of wellness and beauty. And no, this article is not an advertorial in disguise. Telluride does not even know that we plan to share this information. Our mission is to share insights and be a resource for hair-managers worldwide.  TellurideGlow marketing is something we could all learn from.

Sustainable beauty starts with conscientious farming practices and that is why TellurideGlow, a clean beauty line featuring pristine ingredients, sources certified organic botanicals from verified sustainable farms. This vegan skincare line features whole plant, unrefined and organic formulas with superfood alpine ingredients to deliver better skin nutrition. TellurideGlow recovery skincare is the closest you can get from the plant to your skin.

“Sophisticated green beauty connoisseurs value our high potency ingredients, minimal refinement, and protective packaging that ensure fresh and unsurpassed skin revival…from the earth to you,” according to TellurideGlow’s Founder & CEO Mary Alice Heape.

TellurideGlow’s sustainable practices start with the Less is More philosophy. When you have four incredibly effective formulas, you need fewer products, and fewer natural resources are utilized.

“True sustainable products provide environmental benefits while protecting public health over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal,” she describes. “The bulk of our ingredients are certified organic from sustainable farms, inspected to assure no pesticides, chemicals, genetic modification or abuse of the soil. Organic farmers are held to the highest standards of accountability. And by bottling our products in recyclable glass, we significantly lessen their environmental footprint.”

Mary Alice has personally researched over 50 of the botanical ingredient sources in TellurideGlow to verify sustainable growing practices, document organic certification, plant composition, benefits, origins, harvesting practices, and processing methods.

“Sustainable has become a new buzzword. Many companies are tossing out the word sustainable, referring only to recyclable packaging. But it should start with farming operations backed up with careful documentation, even when the ingredients are globally curated from mountain regions around the world,” Mary Alice believes. “Certified organic ingredients have to live up to a higher standard of scrutiny, so they are always our first choice.”

TellurideGlow’s commitment to sustainability from the farm to bottle is confirmed in its GlowPromise: “Green Beauty, The Way Nature Intended It”

Clean, undisturbed and sustainable.

  • PURE – We purchase certified organic, non-GMO, 100% natural, cold processed ingredients, cold formulate with no heat, fillers or synthetics to retain the raw power of the active botanical. ingredients, then deliver in protective containers with treatment pumps to preserve freshness.
  • EFFECTIVE – We source the most effective plants in the world by turning to high-performance extremophile plants thriving in harsh mountain climates.
  • CLEAN – We are third party laboratory tested, with no harmful or questionable chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances.
  • ETHICAL – Vegan and cruelty free, conscientious farming and sourcing, recyclable.

“We honor our namesake – Telluride, Colorado – a pristine mountain paradise that is sophisticated yet ‘unprocessed’, just like TellurideGlow skincare,” Mary Jane adds.

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