Wig Slippage Be Gone!

The biggest fear for many of the millions of women wearing wigs today is that their wig will ‘fly off and everyone will suddenly know their secret!

I had Alopecia at a time when there was very little information about wigs and having to learn everything about them on my own especially in the earlier days while starring on television and having to keep my hair loss a secret, was nothing short of an adventure …. It’s easier now: there is more information. But I’m still constantly frustrated trying to find things to make my ‘own’ wig wearing experience easier and more comfortable that just don’t exist in the marketplace. SO, I continue to search for ways to make them.I figure if they work for me, then I know they will work for other women in need.

After not swimming for 17 years because I hated the unsexy look of a bathing cap on a bald head, I finally said, “Enough – I want to have a normal life! I will create a Swim Wig”. Hence, The First Women’s Swim Wig w/Cyberhair was born. (Of course, I wish creating that product and bringing it to market had been that easy… but as with all new controversial products, it was quite a journey).

The ResQ Bag®, the First Wig Carryall with 12 crucial beauty accessories was born out of a very emotional experience at the gym after I had first lost my hair.The ResQ Bag® solves the need for discretion and gives the wig wearer everything they need at their fingertips in case of any wig emergency.

And now… my newest baby; Wig SECURE™ was born out of pure frustration in being stuck with wearing double-stick wig tape all the time and wanting something different and more comfortable to keep my wig on and the frustration of not being able to find one.

So as with everything I create, I decided to design one differently. The wig bands currently available in the market (especially worn by women with thinning or no hair) tend to move, hence as the day goes on so does their wig. “Nothing is more upsetting than having to constantly put your wig back in place and praying no one saw it  move!”

Wig SECURE™  is a revolutionary wig band that completely removes the need for clips or wig tape to keep a wig on. It’s made with a Patent Pending Silicone Grip Strip that successfully prevents Wig Slippage. Wig SECURE™ is  also the 1st  wig  band  that  is  ‘Reversible’  and  made  for  women with and without hair. There are several wig bands on the market, but nothing that comes near the technology of this wig band.

If a wig wearer is active or not, this is a comfortable lightweight band that can be worn all day, with any type of wig. Since most wigs are made for the masses, they are often a tad large. This Wig SECURE™ allows for their wig to instantly fit more securely without the need for alteration. It’s also excellent to prevent Scarf Slippage, which is another issue many women have.

I’ve had this idea in mind for many years and finally was able to bring it to life over the last 2 years. I made over a half dozen trips to China, failed with several prototypes and almost gave up before surrendering and finally having it come out right! We then spent months testing it before bringing it to market.

I am now so excited to bring Wig SECURE™ to the huge wig market worldwide so more women can feel secure more easily. Currently, it’s being sold on one of the largest wig portals in the world, Wigs.com and of course through my company createdhair.com. And my latest ‘baby’ coming to market, Wig SECURE™ Crystal with a clear silk front is undetectable under any wig. I look forward to telling you more about that and its journey in a future article.

Stay well and be safe,


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