Hair to Dye for

Sometimes the hair you order and match so carefully to your client’s own hair doesn’t come back from the factory as you both expected.  And sometimes your client just wants to have fun with their hair… and why not!  Either way, it’s good to have your color skills honed and up to date.  So, here’s a cool book to get you started.

Ever wanted blue hair? How about red, purple, green, white, pink, or grey? How about a bunch of those at once? With this book, your fantasy hair can now become a reality.

Written by well-known hair colorist Ash Fortis, “Hair to Dye For” includes simple step-by-step instructions for both professionals and non-professionals on how to do dozens of spectacularly colored hair dye techniques–– from highlights to hologram hair!In this book you will find clear and helpful diagrams that will make these techniques easy. Whether you’re maintaining a beautiful existing color, or creating something new and more adventurous, this book shows how to customize these techniques and make them all your own.

This book is a great tool for anyone interested in creative hair color, including salon professionals, new cosmetology graduates, and the clients they serve every day. “Hair to Dye For” demystifies how to get a wide range of hair color effects while maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.

Featuring gorgeous photography and custom how-to illustrations, this book will not only show you how to dye hair, it will give you inspiration for amazing looks you’d never even imagined.

From a simple bold highlight to the unicorn hair of your dreams, this is the ultimate how to guide for achieving amazing hair color with easy step by step instruction.

About the Author:  Ash Fortis is the founder and creator of XO Hair Lab. Ash Fortis has worked alongside Pulp Riot Hair color company and was one of the co-creators that built the brand from the ground up. Pulp Riot has had great success and was recently purchased by L’Oreal. Her passion for hair color and education has elevated her to new heights in the industry–– her techniques and tutorials have been features in BuzzFeed, Allure, Good Morning America, Insider Beauty.
About the publisher:  Founded in 1984, Weldon Owen specializes in lifestyle books that illustrate great ideas and break down complex skills so anyone can learn them. For more information and inspiration, visit,

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