After Wen, DevaCurl

In a legal dispute similar to the one faced by Wen Hair Care, products in 2016, DevaCurl a company, “Dedicated to one thing–curls!”  is facing 10 class-action lawsuits from customers who claim DevaCurl damaged their scalps and made their hair fall out. Deva Curl vigorously refutes these claims, pointing out on their website, We were free of harsh ingredients long before it was buzzworthy, and we did it because it was the right thing to do for curls,” adding, “We test our products on actual people, not mannequins or hair swatches… Each new product is perfected and only introduced to the market after receiving your stamp of approval and undergoing our strict safety testing protocols.” Despite these protestations, a Facebook group called “Hair Damage & Hair Loss from DevaCurl — You’re not CRAZY or ALONE” has 60,000 members.

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