Daniel Alain Acquires Stake in Applied Biology Inc.

Newport Beach, 04, 2020 — Daniel Alain, Inc. has acquired a stake in Applied Biology, a biotechnology company conducting scientific research in alopecia and androgen mediated diseases. CEO, Daniel Hafid, commented, “We are seeking to offer women a 360 solution for hair loss.”

This acquisition will allow Daniel Alain to develop tests to identify women who are likely to develop hair loss prior to presenting clinical symptoms as well as a diagnostic test to identify non-responders to topical minoxidil. Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) affects up to 50% of women by the age of 65, but only a minority of patients respond to topical minoxidil.

Founded in 2004, Daniel Alain is  a hair loss and hair enhancement company. Its portfolio includes FOLLEA Luxury Wigs and Hair Enhancements and INTACT Anti Hair Shedding Treatment.

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