Low Level Laser Therapy (LLL) to treat hair loss

There is growing evidence that the LLLT is indeed effective in promoting hair growth in both men and women. This is the case if the treatment is applied correctly and the right equipment is used.


It has been determined that the correct wavelength of the laser light should be between 595 and 695 Nm (nanometers).

Treatment time

Treatment time is also important. And that’s causing trouble for many users of laser devices. They often lack the discipline to follow the prescribed treatment time and frequency of treatment instructions and then blame the device or procedure. So, some patients may get disappointed. However, LLLT is very forgiving and even irregular sessions can often show promising results. The important factor is patience.  It takes several weeks before that stronger, healthier “LLLT hair” begins to show.

How LLLT works

Carefully focused light energy penetrates into the cells of the hair follicle and stimulates the Anagen, or growth cycle, of the hair.

Where does LLLT come from

In 1967, a few years after the laser was invented, a certain Endre Mester from Hungary decided to test whether laser radiation could cause cancer in mice. He shaved the backs of the test mice and divided them into two groups. In group 1, nothing was done. Group 2 underwent radiation from a Ruby laser (694 nm). His findings were that not only did the mice not get cancer, but also that in the mice with the radiation, the hair grew back faster. This was the first evidence for laser stimulation of hair follicles. Since that time, the laser has been used worldwide for faster healing of wounds, pain relief and infections.

FDA approval

A number of lasers have received FDA approval including the lasers from HairMax, an early pioneer in home use lasers to fight hair loss. There are now lasers that look like a dry cap for use in clinics and lasers fitted in a baseball cap. Recharge at home and your scalp can be treated on the go. An FDA approval confirms that a specific device is safe and performs as claimed. Some manufacturers have not bothered to obtain costly FDA approval, but if you want to be sure you are getting the best results, select an FDA cleared laser – and ask for the same thing at any clinic where you are offered laser treatment.


All the studies done so far, and there are many of them, indicate that the wavelength between 595 and 695 nm. is optimal.

Important for success is the discipline to:

  • Stick to the prescribed treatment time. (Number of minutes)
  • Maintain the prescribed frequency (Number of times per week)
  • Follow the prescribed duration (Number of months in a row)

Just as with the use of Minoxidil and Finasteride, LLLT is an ongoing commitment, not a cure.  Compared with other hair loss solutions, it is not expensive and home therapy is very convenient.  But don’t start with LLT if you don’t have the patience or the discipline.

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