There is a lot of hair loss information on the web. Some good. Much of it bad. Our goal is to give you better information; information you can trust so you can make the right decision about your hair. We bring it to you, not from a salesman or a special interest group, but from the actual leaders in the industry.

The Hair Authority was created by a team of successful hair loss specialists from every discipline who want to help men and women get a deeper level of information and help them find the right products and professionals for their individual needs. And because it is always nice to meet the experts, our personal interviews will introduce you to the people who are shaping the future of the hair loss industry.


One Simple Goal – To supply men and women with the most comprehensive, objective and trustworthy information and provide links to superior products and hair loss professionals.


Chris Webb

Chris Webb
Publisher, International Hair Authority

Chris Webb has been a leading figure in the hair replacement and restoration industry for 20 years. His early marketing and advertising experience was with Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive, working in London, Paris and New York. It was while he was working on Madison Avenue that Chris met Sy Sperling and created the marketing materials that helped build Hair Club for Men. He later launched The National Hair Journal to share information and insights with other business owners and help them enjoy the same business success.

The Hair Journal quickly became a leading source of education and marketing support and became known as the ‘International Hair Authority.’  For several years, Chris also hosted ‘The National Hair Hour,’ a live radio show broadcast out of Los Angeles and New York.

Publishing the Hair Authority is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind-the-scenes, Chris continues to play a key role as consultant, negotiator… and occasional policeman. Chris has a degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate degree in International Politics and French Literature from the Sorbonne in Paris. He is fluent in English and French and embarrasses his friends in German. He now lives in Southern California, where the proximity of several wineries helps make his week-ends pass pleasantly.


Amin Sheybani

Amin Sheybani

Managing Director, Director of Marketing
Amin has been a successful entrepreneur and business leader for over 38 years. He has owned VivandI Inc. in US since 2007 and founded the Vivandi Group and Vivandi Trichology Center companies in Dubai which became market leaders across the Middle East. Amin Sheybani’s professional expertise, creative skills and charismatic personality have made him a much sought-after advisor and hair-care consultant. He is based in California where he maintains close contactwith clients in the fashion, business, entertainment and artistic communities. Amin heads the Authority Directory and Store divisions where he helps visitors research the best hairloss providers and explore new hairloss and hair-care products.

Chris Webb

Managing-Director, Editor-in-Chief
Chris has been a leading figure in the hair replacement and restoration industry for 20 years. While working on Madison Avenue collaborated with Sy Sperling to create the marketing materials that helped build Hair Club for Men. He later launched The National Hair Journal to share information and insights with other business owners to help them enjoy the same business success.
Chris Webb BW


Our Board of Advisors is made up of successful innovators, researchers and medical experts who welcome the opportunity to give back and share their insights and experience to help men and women suffering from hair loss find the products and services they need.


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