Dr David Kingsley


Dr. David H. Kingsley, PhD, FIT, LTTS, is the president and co-founder of British Science Corporation, an internationally recognized company dedicated to the research and treatment of all types of hair loss and associated scalp conditions. Dr. Kingsley qualified as a board-certified consultant trichologist in 1980 through the prestigious Institute of Trichologists (London) which subsequently honored him with a Fellowship for his academic research and his important additions to the general knowledge of the subject of trichology. Dr.Kingsley is a well renowned expert on the psychology of hair loss and is one of only eight Institute Fellows worldwide. He attained his PhD in hair loss research, successfully completed a course in cosmetic science, and is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the International Society for Quality of Life Research. He has published and presented medical papers of his research on treatments for hair loss and works with many physicians, research teams, and cosmetologists in the promotion of hair and scalp care. Dr. Kingsley is a distinguished trainer and innovator of trichology treatment centers around the United States and has developed a number of contemporary product lines. He has also appeared on television in both the United States and Britain and has been interviewed on the radio and by leading newspapers and magazines.