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Is cloning the future?

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Recently I came across an article, written by Dr. Bessam Farjo, on hair cloning. He is an English doctor and well known in the hair transplant world. He today is involved in e new company, called HAIRCLONE.

They are doing a study on the cloning of hair follicles, but they realize that the application in practice will take some time. Because Dr. Bessam Farjo is involved, I was immediately interested.

The hairbank

In anticipation of the outcome of that study, they are already offering a treatment to deep-freeze 100 healthy hair follicles for future use after the study has been successfully completed. Harvesting those healthy hair follicles is done with the FUE method. With these hair follicles they want to clone as soon as possible and when they are successful they can start producing an infinite number of follicles (hair on request) So if you are afraid of losing your hair in the future, you can have them stored in advance.

The placement method

Assuming that cloning becomes possible, something that is doubted by quite a few doctors, the treatment can begin with as much hair as is necessary, As soon as the client notices that his hair loss is started he comes to claim his bank balance in hair follicles. The number of follicles is then thawed and is placed in the scalp. This may be necessary several times in the event of a hair loss that goes further.

The downsides

* The costs are quite high. 2500 Pounds sterling for freezing and then 100 Pounds sterling annually for storage.

* What are the conditions if they fail to successfully conclude that study? Will you get your money back?

* How long will that study take? No one knows. A number of competitors have been conducting similar research for years.

* In the case of ongoing hair loss, several treatments are required if the hair loss continues after treatment.

* With advanced baldness there is less or no result they state. Why? If you have as much donor hair as you want?

Why does this method work?

According to Harclone, their method can be more successful than other methods because they assume incipcurable hair loss. In the case of a starting hair loss, there are still hair follicles that are not quite dead yet. The so-called vellus hair. In the event of further formed hair loss, success is expected to be less. So you have to get there early.

Multiple treatments

In order to keep up with the hair loss, several treatments will be required. However, the developments in the research are going further and further, so it may be that there will be a drug that can definitively stop this further hair loss. Today’s recognized hair growth agents don’t work for everyone and are more designed to keep what you have left. Renewed hair growth is rare in existing medicines. .

Enough donor hair

Currently, it is common that even in clients suitable for the current hair transplant, there is not enough donor hair present to do an entire head. They must therefore be satisfied with a compromise. An elevated hairline on the forehead or forget treatment in the crown. However, if multiple treatments are needed with this new method, if cloning is successful, there will be enough hair follicles available for a whole head.

Hans J. Diks, European editor International Hair Authority, Independent expert on hair problems.

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