The Power of Stem Cell Extract

Keracell is a company based in California that offers hair and skin care products based on multiple human cell stem cell technology. Their ‘Hair Rewind Package’ targets hair loss and scalp and follicle regeneration, while its ‘Hair Reset Package’ claims to strengthen fine and thinning hair and seal the hair cuticle for added shine and durability.

?Keracell products are based on multiple human cell stem cell (MHCsc)™ technology derived from the combination of Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Cells utilizing Exosome delivery. This technology is then combined with other proven cosmetic “bio-active” ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, targeted peptides and technologically advanced ingredients for results driven solutions for the face, hair and body. 

To learn more about these advanced products, Hair Authority met with Keracell CEO, Ekin Ozlen

 What does “Keracell” mean?

‘Kera’ stands for keratinocyte and ‘cell’ refers to the human stem cell extract that we infuse within our hair and skin product lines.


What is the difference between human stem cell extract and plant or organic stem cells?

The way I explain it is that ‘like wants like’. We are human, so our cells will be best activated and revitalized by other human stem cells. In this case it’s a human stem cell extract that is topically applied. I’m not going to downplay the power of plant-based stem cells because we have a Botanica line, but they’re never going to give you the result that human stem cell extract can provide. Botanica uses bamboo stem cells, cotton stem cells and stem cells from the argan tree in a special botanical line and they provide a benefit at a more competitive price. But to my mind, we are human, and our scalp and hair is going to react best to a human stem cell extract.


You put a lot of emphasis on the fact that your formulations contain multiple human cell stem cell technology. Why is that?

We’re innovators in human stem cell extract-based products. We believe the efficacy of our product line is due to the fact that we’re pulling from multiple human source materials. SkinMedica is a well-respected competitor that also utilizes human stem cell extract, but they’re pulling from only one source.

There are so many different variables and each one offers different benefits. For example, plastic surgeons love products based on adipose tissue, because for them it’s all about boosting collagen. Our products are highly effective because of our starting materials. I believe the multiple human cell stem cell extract that we’re putting in our products can improve anyone’s skin or hair.


Is there any risk of rejection?

We have seen extremely low allergy rates, which is what I love about human stem cell extract topically applied. It basically brings the skin back to homeostasis. Everyone can benefit, whether they have oily skin or dry skin.


How does your product penetrate the skin barrier?

It’s due to the tiny nanoparticles. Product penetration is the most important thing when it comes to performing better and that’s definitely a defining factor in our product line. When you use a product, you can feel if it’s well manufactured. It won’t lay on the surface of your skin; it’s going to penetrate without leaving a residue. You shouldn’t need a roller or anything to prick the skin. Keracell will absorb into the skin because of those minute nanoparticles.


Did you have to educate people and help them understand the technology that has gone into your products?

It was extremely challenging because we were the first human stem cell extract brand to go into major retail. It has been difficult to educate not only consumers, but also the beauty advisors that are selling the product. My goal now is to get the word out about the power of human stem cell extract topically applied. People hear all the time about human stem cells for wounds and shoulder or knee injuries, so just imagine using that rejuvenating power on the skin and scalp. It’s incredible. There’s nothing out there that can give you the same results.


Did some people who embrace the technology believe that science is the future of beauty while others were cautious because stem cells evoked negative associations?

That’s very important and why I rely so much upon the education component of these products and the fact that they’re clinically validated. I don’t know why people immediately think stem cells all come from an aborted baby. Even some people who work in doctors’ offices say, “but where does it come from?” I don’t know why everyone always goes there, but it’s the first question I get. But l actually welcome that question because I love educating and telling people that it’s going to be the greatest thing they’ve ever used.


Tell us about the clinical studies and the efficacy of the product.

The complete extract has been tested as well as the peptides within our product. They were evaluated by researchers at Stanford University. It’s all on the website. If you click on Keracell MD, it goes on a deep dive into all of that. This is important when it comes to a hair loss product because you want to know if it’s really going to work. Does it have clinical validation? The research gives you peace of mind.


Would you regard your hair products as a cosmetic, a wellness product or a drug?

Definitely a wellness product and a cosmetic. Everything that you see on our packaging I’ve written myself and I’m extremely careful about what I tell clients. I want to be mindful of the regulations, but I also want to tell them the things I’ve seen and that clients have experienced. I am careful not to make medical claims.


Were you ever tempted to include minoxidil in your formulation?

No, because minoxidil is a drug and as soon as you stop using it, your hair falls out. That’s the antithesis of what we stand for. I don’t ever want people to feel trapped in any hair regimen. That’s super important to me. It’s not fair to the consumer to get them into a product where if they stop, boom, their hair falls out. That’s terrible. We want to help their body to do its job better. And that’s what our products really do. They strengthen the user’s natural ability.


What was the first haircare product you introduced?

The first product is still our hero product. It’s called the “Hair and Scalp Revitalizing Spray”. We probably have 40 products now, but I still consider this our hero product.



We’re surprised you chose a spray, not a dropper to avoid wastage.

Actually, the spray is very user-friendly. Whether your hair is wet or dry, you just move the spray around a little and spread it with your fingertips. It dries without leaving any residue. There’s no scent. You can use it for color treated hair, if you’re doing Brazilian blow dry, or if you are suffering from traction alopecia because you have extensions. Obviously if you have a shiny bald head, it’s not going to work. You have to have hair follicles that are still alive.


“Hair and Scalp Revitalizing Spray” was the first foot in the door. What product followed?

We wanted to build a system around that product. We didn’t want people buying things that were going to interfere with the efficacy of the hair growth spray so next we introduced a shampoo and a conditioner. It has tea tree, kale, quinoa, lemon, and rosemary. When you use them, your hair is shiny and voluminous almost immediately. The tea tree will address any kind of dryness or flakiness; I happen to have a dry scalp and I was on dandruff shampoo my entire life and it’s really helped me with the dryness.

People need to understand that you have to balance whether your hair tends to be oily or dry. It has to have the right balance before hair is going to grow properly. A lot of times people don’t realize that there’s inflammation in their scalp because of an imbalance. Our shampoo and conditioner addresses that. That’s why it’s important to use all the products in our five-product system. Each one of the products is responsible for a different result. And those results combined together are going to give you the best hair growth.


What is the recommended regimen for somebody who uses all five products?

Wash your hair three to four times a week. Protect the natural oils. A lot of people over wash their hair. They’re fussing with it. Set yourself up for success. Use a wide tooth comb, I recommend brushes that are gentle on the hair. Sleep with a satin pillowcase. Don’t put your hair up in tight ponytails.

I tell my clients to, “walk me through a day in your hair’s life” so we really get to understand what they’re doing that may not be beneficial to their hair or scalp. Then we get into our products. Shampoo, conditioner – obviously a leave-in conditioner to protect the hair shaft. It’s important to protect the hair that we already have, not just worry about growing more hair.

The number one thing my products do is help reduce the shedding process almost immediately. Whether you’re in your hair’s growth phase or not, the moment you start using the products, you’re going to notice your hair looks lustrous and your follicle is anchored. You’re slowing that shedding process and reducing inflammation in the scalp. Then a couple of months go by – you have to give it a couple months because everyone’s in a different growth phase when they start using the product line – and you start noticing that your hair appears thicker. All of a sudden, your hairline is changing.  I can speak from experience. I used to pull and tug at my hair when I used a curler.  Now my hairline is nice and full again.


Do you also see benefits on the surrounding skin?

Great question. A lot of times when people spray the product, they let it drip and don’t wipe it off and we’ve seen impressive forehead improvement. Things like improved skin pore size, wrinkles, brown spots, just from the spray hitting the skin. We didn’t expect that.

We had a lady who was about 80 years old who was testing the hair and scalp revitalizing spray. She used it for 90 days and her hair started coming back in its natural color.  She had gone completely gray, but she began seeing all these strands of hair coming back in her original, dark color. That’s just one of many things we’ve seen and that’s why I’m saying there’s nothing on the market like this. We’re combining CBD and human stem cell extract in four products. No one’s doing that. That’s an amazing combination – two superpowers for the skin.


You also have an MD collection. Why did you create one product for the general public and another for professionals?

We wanted to create a line for medical practitioners to send their clients home with. They are doing a lot of ablative treatment, so they need products that are fragrance free. Our over-the-counter line has essential oils, which isn’t ideal for professionals if they’re doing PRP for the scalp or any kind of dermaplaning or micro needling.  So, we said, let’s design something specifically for those patients that will be great during treatment and that they can also use daily afterwards. It had to be completely fragrance free and be extremely efficacious to lessen downtime and speed up healing. Healing time is very much a factor when everyone has a fast-paced life. We’re all too busy to take two weeks out before we can go back out in public again.


What makes the combination of stem cell extract and CBD in some of your products so effective?

CBD is not just for anti-inflammation. It’s incredible for eczema, psoriasis, anti-acne stress and reducing anxiety. We’ve even used it to create a beauty mask that enhances your skin while you sleep. What could be better than having your skin repaired naturally while you rest?


Do you have any competition as you pioneer these technologies?

Many people always ask me that and I look around and no one is doing what we do. We’re definitely innovators in this space. They’re not doing it with such a high science brand. We’re bringing advanced technology down to a consumer level.  People want to understand what they’re putting on their skin. Consumers are super intelligent now. They’re all over the internet and I love giving them the knowledge to understand and make the right choices. It’s such a confusing market with so many options out there. You really need to know what you’re getting into when you’re applying a product every day.


In many ways Asia has become a leader in the development of new beauty technologies. Is Keracell leading the way in stem cell extract research?

It’s give and take. I live in California and there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in the beauty world here. I was at my plastic surgeon’s office the other day and having some laser treatment and I started talking to the nurse. They know that I own a brand that’s human stem cell extract based, and she started telling me how they have started doing IVs of human stem cell off-label for children with autism. I was amazed that a plastic surgeon’s office is doing this. Everywhere in the world there’s something that another country doesn’t know about. I love that we’re learning from each other and building upon that to make products that are even more efficacious.


Looking over the horizon, what can we expect to see next?

Our Botanica line is exciting for us because you cannot import human stem cell extract-based products into the EU right now. So, we said, let’s take something that’s botanical and make it a powerhouse alternative. We went to work on that and then the pandemic hit, so we immediately switched gears and developed a botanical hand sanitizer because that’s what everybody needed at the time.

When you’re on the cusp of new technologies, it’s tempting to premium price and recover your investment, but you decided to make your products affordable to a broad market.

I love helping people to feel beautiful. I’m inspired by that. I want to help people deal with the super emotional aspect of hair loss. I like watching their faces light up when their hair’s growing and they don’t have to wear hats anymore.  I’ve had so many instances where clients would call me crying about hair loss. It’s really emotional. Keeping our prices where more people can afford it allows them to actually do something.  In all honesty, our products really should be much more expensive because there’s so much in them, but I want them to remain accessible.


What is the key thing you would like readers to know about Keracell?

If they’ve never used a human stem cell extract-based product, the time is now.  They will never look back. That’s what I want people to know. They’ve got to start using products that are efficacious and stop wasting money on things that don’t deliver. We’re extremely results driven.


If they started using the product tomorrow, how long before they see a benefit?

It depends on the product. I have some skin care clients who told me their skin was better within a few days. Speaking from my own experience, I noticed right away that my pores were getting smaller, and I started seeing fine lines diminishing and brown spots on my skin going away. Of course, I started using the hair products and my hair was growing like a weed. In fact, I was also using our lash and brow serum and I had to start cutting my eyelashes with scissors because they were hitting my sunglasses. This is a very powerful product line.

Much of the stem cell research was carried out by the medical community and it’s only now that people are becoming aware of the power of human stem cell extract.

I’m so grateful that’s happening in the medical industry because it’s giving us credibility as a skincare brand. We were concerned at first because when you’re so far ahead with technology people may not be ready for it. But I better feel now that the medical community is shedding light on this powerful agent. We are very confident about the future.


About Ekin Ozlen: Keracell is pretty much me.  I was a model for many years with Ford Models in New York. I live in LA now and I’m partnered with a formulator. We are doing our best to educate people on the power of human stem cell extract.


About Keracell: The company offers a skin care line utilizing multiple human cell stem cell technology developed by two Ph.D. biomedical scientists with expertise in stem cell research and cancer molecular biology. Keracell’s MHCsc Core Technology has undergone Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-Masspec) at Stanford University Proteomics Core Facility (Stanford, CA) to detect the full array of proteins and peptides (well over 540 balanced specifically for wound care/skin care). Gene Expression Analyzation (built-in auto- growth controlling/regulating mechanism in the cell). ELISA Assay Protein Marker  (96 well plate for stability, quality, quantity, consistency. Clinical Trial Testing (Placebo, Solely using MHCsc media).

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