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The Power of Stem Cell Extract

The Power of Stem Cell Extract

Keracell is a company based in California that offers hair and skin care products based on multiple human cell stem cell technology. Their ‘Hair Rewind Package’ targets hair loss and scalp and follicle regeneration, while its ‘Hair Reset Package’ claims to strengthen fine and thinning hair and seal the hair cuticle for added shine and durability.

?Keracell products are based on multiple human cell stem cell (MHCsc)™ technology derived from the combination of Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Cells utilizing Exosome delivery. This technology is then combined with other proven cosmetic “bio-active” ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, targeted peptides and technologically advanced ingredients for results driven solutions for the face, hair and body. 

To learn more about these advanced products, Hair Authority met with Keracell CEO, Ekin Ozlen

 What does “Keracell” mean?

‘Kera’ stands for keratinocyte and ‘cell’ refers to the human stem cell extract that we infuse within our hair and skin product lines.


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