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TressAllure Comes Out Swinging!

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How Hair Visions International Rebranded TressAllure

David Schwartz CEO, Hair Visions
David Schwartz, CEO

Hair Visions has developed many market-leading brands throughout the years, drawing upon feedback from their customers and worldwide connections. This summer it’s TressAllure’s turn to benefit from their resources and industry experience. TressAllure, their ready-to-wear wigs line, has been rebranded with exciting new features, marketing, and advertising material.

Hair Visions enjoys close connections with production centers in Asia and the results are on display in the new TressAllure Look Fabulous collection. To learn more about these exciting developments, International Hair Authority contacted Hair Visions president, David Schwartz.

TressAllure went through a type of brand makeover. What were your goals?

That’s a great way of putting it. We really did go through a makeover, but this is an ongoing process. Our first goal was to build brand awareness with the launch of LOOK Fabulous Wigs and Extensions®. We have created many new and exciting fashion forward wig designs by developing a targeted social media campaign to promote TressAllure. We are continually refreshing our product lines and driving the TressAllure brand. We are proud to have recently launched TressTech™, a new product line which includes Wig Wax Spray. It’s the first aerosol dry spray wax on the market created just for wigs.

While TressAllure has a different approach to the “hair industry” compared to our other brands, all Hair Visions International products have

New Wave Chiffon Candy
New Wave Cotton Candy

one thing in common. As an industry leader, we want all our brands to lead with advanced product development to stay at the forefront of the industry, find new ways to engage the consumer, and develop new ways to better serve our retail customers.


What are some of the new product features?

Along with our manufacturers, we have developed specialized knotting techniques for our handmade products that make our wigs far more versatile and lighter than anything that was done in the past.

Our cap construction is sheer, light, breathable, and much more comfortable because our caps actually memorize the contours of the wearer’s head. This makes the wig feel not only more secure but also more natural and comfortable.

Razor Cut Shag
Rajor Cut

Our fine lace materials provide natural-looking and undetectable hairlines. We have also introduced Style-able Effortless™ fiber that matches the denier of fine human hair but is lighter, softer and much easier to manage.

Along with our manufacturers, we’ve developed a method of tapering fibers from the root to the end, similar to salon fresh cut hair. This removes bulk from the wig, making it not only lighter but less bushy and less obvious.

With a great wig and a talented stylist, “Everyone Will Notice But No One Will Know”.

How do you go about engaging the consumer in new ways?

Unlike our other Hair Visions brands, almost all TressAllure’s advertising and marketing is consumer driven. We want to inspire, engage, and connect with the consumer. Our advertising strategy targets existing consumers and new wig wearers alike by promoting our superior products.

We do this with great imagery that shows off our products and colors, promote exciting videos that serve as digital commercials and share fun and educational video demos and reviews. Finally, we highlight product endorsements from industry experts with whom consumers can relate.

How does this translate into helping your retail customers?

A retailer’s cost per customer is easily one of their largest expenses. To help minimize this cost, we are investing in our retailers by providing them with what they need most: CUSTOMERS!

On average, we refer 20,000 – 30,000 consumer each month to our retailers through our online directory! Our lead-referral program helps to significantly lower our customers’ acquisition costs.

Angled Bob

Another significant retailer cost is the creation of relevant content. We produce attention-getting marketing collateral and make it available to our retail customers at no cost to them so they can post it on their own social platforms. Not only are our display ads, digital commercials, and demos attractive, but they are also targeted to our demographic sweet-spot, which I’m pleased to say continues to expand.

Next, we deliver great products that are fashionable, realistic, and more comfortable than other wigs in the world. TressAllure wigs are instantly recognizable as an elite luxury product. This creates the best customer of all, the repeat customer. We will keep consumers walking in our retailers’ doors by helping to reduce their cost of client acquisition.

And finally, servicing our retailers with speed, accuracy, and a dedication to building a relationship between us, our retail customer and their end consumer.

Thank you for sharing so much about TressAllure but aren’t you worried you’re providing a road map for your competitors?

I’m not worried at all. Remember, as I mentioned, we are continually evolving. Expect more exciting products from TressAllure!


About Hair Visions International –

Established in 1975, Hair Visions International, is today, one of the largest global distributors of men’s & women’s hair replacement products. Our brands, On Rite, Gemtress, UltraTress, and TressAllure offer only the best.

We are focused on the goals and aspirations of our employees, our customers, and their clients. We have created an environment requiring integrity, accountability and respect, squarely facing all challenges.

As a company with a storied reputation in understanding retailer and consumer insights, we continue to evolve as new trends emerge. We provide the resources which include products, marketing, education, and s support to help retailers achieve optimal business growth.

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