The Importance of Branding

Consumers stay loyal to favorite brand

According to a survey conducted by KPMG, 52% of consumers say they will buy their favorite brand even if a rival product is cheaper and more convenient to purchase.

The value of consumer loyalty cannot be underestimated, despite the fact that building brand allegiance can be challenging.

Paytalks, a division of Amazon, is hosting a series of webinars as part of its Business Growth Series and plans to discuss how to:

  • Streamline the post-purchase experience to delight your clients
  • Boost sales by encouraging customer loyalty
  • Reward, amplify, and enable your top customer

The Paytalks Live webinar is coming up on September 16, 2020, 10-10:20 a.m. PDT.


Cyberhair comp

Join the Club

CyberHair Conference, Las Vegas 2017

Some conferences draw big crowds and are marketing extravaganzas, but the annual CyberHair workshop is more like a private club. And that’s the way International Hair Goods wants to keep it because admission to the world of CyberHair is by invitation only and membership is limited.

International Hair Goods of course is part of the Aderans family of companies and as such it benefits from the vast research and development programs the group is famous for. In fact, The National Hair Journal recently ran a full-page article just on IHI clips!  That’s right French clips, curved clips and much more. Who would have guessed that there could be so many variations of clip – many of which were even patent protected?

The 2017 CyberHair conference returned to one of its most popular venues, Greenbrier Ranch just outside Las Vegas. To call it a ranch is a serious understatement, luxury resort is a more fitting description.  This is where Cyber-distributors gathered for three days of updates, continuing education and networking. 

Technical training and product development was covered by Lindsey Reinke who follows industry legend Darla Smith and brings great energy and vision to the team.  Since much of the new product information was private and privileged, The Journal cannot share it in these pages, but we can suggest that anyone wanting to become an “Insider” contact IHI and make their interest known.

We can however, share pictures and news from the awards ceremonies and social events. There was a sad moment when it was learned that long-time member Daryll Grecian had passed away after a brief but severe illness.  He was a good friend and will be sorely missed.

The following are some of the special people recognized for their contributions to Cyberhair in 2016:

Eyelashes – The Numbers

Did you know you have nearly twice as many eyelashes on your upper eyelid than the lower one?

The average person has around 100-to-160 upper lashes and 50-to-75 lower lashes.

Eyelashes follow the same growth cycle as hair on the head with a natural growth, resting and terminal cycle. And as with fragile hair, eyelashes can easily be damaged by heavy or ill-applied extensions.

Hair as Health Check

Aderans, Yahoo Japan and Shimadzu Corp., have launched a joint study to determine whether scientific hair analysis can help diagnose and predict medical conditions. 

The research will be conducted by Riken, Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in across diverse range of disciplines.  This project a logical iniative for Aderans Co., whose management philosophy is “To promote overall wellness through our hair-related, beauty and health business. We aim to help clients worldwide attain physical and emotional wellbeing.” 

Since hair grows about ¼” a month, a typical strand of hair 4″ long would contain a year’s worth of personal data, information that the researchers plan to map and correlate with medical conditions.  Hair analysis is already used for things like drug testing, but the research team hopes new insights into the development and composition of hair will allow then to develop technology that will assist in the early discovery of cancer, dementia and other diseases

Maybe Solution for Alopecia Patients

San Francisco. 10/17 – UC San Francisco researchers have discovered that a certain type of regulatory T cell may trigger stem cells in the skin to promote healthy hair growth.  Their study suggests that defects in Tregs could be responsible for alopecia areata, a common autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, and could potentially play a role in other forms of baldness, including male pattern baldness, Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that interferes with hair follicle regeneration and causes patients to lose hair in patches from their scalp and eyebrows.


Strength of Hair Inspires New Materials for Body Armor

Researchers at the University of California San Diego investigate why hair is incredibly strong and resistant to breaking. 

In a new study, researchers at the University of California San Diego investigated why hair is incredibly strong and resistant to breaking. The findings could lead to the development of new materials for body armor and help cosmetic manufacturers create better hair care products.

Hair has a strength to weight ratio comparable to steel. It can be stretched up to one and a half times its original length before breaking. “We wanted to understand the mechanism behind this extraordinary property,” said Yang (Daniel) Yu, a nanoengineering Ph.D. student at UC San Diego and the first author of the study.

“Nature creates a variety of interesting materials and architectures in very ingenious ways. We’re interested in understanding the correlation between the structure and the properties of biological materials to develop synthetic materials and designs — based on nature — that have better performance than existing ones,” said Marc Meyers, a professor of mechanical engineering at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and the lead author of the study.

In a study published online in the journal Materials Science and Engineering C, researchers examined at the nanoscale level how a strand of human hair behaves when it is deformed, or stretched. The team found that hair behaves differently depending on how fast or slow it is stretched. The faster hair is stretched, the stronger it is. “Think of a highly viscous substance like honey,” Meyers explained. “If you deform it fast it becomes stiff, but if you deform it slowly it readily pours.”

Hair consists of two main parts — the cortex, which is made up of parallel fibrils, and the matrix, which has an amorphous (random) structure. The matrix is sensitive to the speed at which hair is deformed, while the cortex is not. The combination of these two components, Yu explained, is what gives hair the ability to withstand high stress and strain.

And as hair is stretched, its structure changes in a particular way. At the nanoscale, the cortex fibrils in hair are each made up of thousands of coiled spiral-shaped chains of molecules called alpha helix chains. As hair is deformed, the alpha helix chains uncoil and become pleated sheet structures known as beta sheets. This structural change allows hair to handle a large amount deformation without breaking.

This structural transformation is partially reversible. When hair is stretched under a small amount of strain, it can recover its original shape. Stretch it further, the structural transformation becomes irreversible. “This is the first time evidence for this transformation has been discovered,” Yu said.

“Hair is such a common material with many fascinating properties,” said Bin Wang, a UC San Diego PhD alumna and co-author on the paper. Wang is now at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology in China continuing research on hair.

The team also conducted stretching tests on hair at different humidity levels and temperatures. At higher humidity levels, hair can withstand up to 70 to 80 percent deformation before breaking (dry hair can undergo up to 50 percent deformation). Water essentially “softens” hair — it enters the matrix and breaks the sulfur bonds connecting the filaments inside a strand of hair. Researchers also found that hair starts to undergo permanent damage at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). Beyond this temperature, hair breaks faster at lower stress and strain.

“Since I was a child I always wondered why hair is so strong. Now I know why,” said Wen Yang, a former postdoctoral researcher in Meyers’ research group and co-author on the paper.

The team is currently conducting further studies on the effects of water on the properties of human hair. Moving forward, the team is investigating the detailed mechanism of how washing hair causes it to return to its original shape.

Full paper: Structure and mechanical behavior of human hair. Authors of the study are: Yang Yu, Wen Yang, Bin Wang and Marc André Meyers, all of UC San Diego.

Statue with Sword

Be Careful What You Trim

Hair has always been a tool to tell the world who we are, or who we would like to be.

It’s the same all around the world; in primitive societies, developing countries and sophisticated urban centers. In Europe and North America, long hair has always been a symbol of rebellion and liberation. Just look at the poets, artists and rock stars – or any university campus! More recently, we have seen colored highlights, bleached tips, hair carving or channeling become fashionable – even shaved heads.

The big cosmetic and personal care companies have invested heavily to change old habits and create new (profitable) ones. In Japan, for example, where beards and mustaches were disapproved of, guess what: facial hair is now being promoted as hip and fashionable. And here in America, the latest canvas is pubic hair. But while the trend to shave or trimmed pubic hair has been rapidly gathering momentum, recent research conducted by UCSF (University of California at San Francisco) indicates that men and women who regularly trim or remove all their pubic hair run a greater risk of sexually transmitted infections. This study, based on a survey of 7500 adult Americans, showed that men and women with the most extreme grooming habits were 3 to 4 times more likely to contract an STI than those who did not.

The reason for the infection was small nicks or tears in the skin as a result of using razors or scissors. An electric razor was the most commonly used among men, while a manual razor was preferred by women.


Women Can See More Colors Than Men

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is informing the public, especially patients, health care practitioners, and clinics, of multiple recent reports of serious adverse events experienced by patients who were treated with unapproved products marketed as containing exosomes…

All About Viviscal

Church & Dwight acquired hair growth supplements and treatments brand Viviscal from Ireland-based Lifes2good in 2017 for $160 million. Entrepreneur James Murphy, founder of Lifes2good, said of the sale: “We are enormously proud of our achievement in building Viviscal into a hugely successful global brand that has enjoyed meteoric growth. We are however delighted that Church & Dwight, a highly regarded and fast-growing US consumers business, will lead the brand in its next phase of development.”

The Hair Authority met with the management team behind Viviscal to learn more about the brand’s development, testing and marketing success.


Viviscal supplements are the top hair growth supplement for women in the US. What lies behind this remarkable success?

My favorite question that I receive from a physician is “Does this really work?”.
I can always confidently say “Absolutely, yes it does. And we have 25 years of published clinical data to back it up.” Viviscal’s success is attributed exactly to that… it works. We have 10 clinical trials that have been published in various reputable peer-reviewed medical journals. A number of those trials were double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled studies and back up our results of reducing shedding and increasing hair existing hair growth and hair thickness.


Is Viviscal for women AND men?

Our professional formula, Viviscal PRO, is our strongest formulation available and is suitable for both men and women.


What does the brand-name Viviscal mean?

The brand name Viviscal stands for rejuvenation of the hair. “Vivi” comes from the Latin root meaning “liven” and “scal” represents scalp. Viviscal -> Bring life to the scalp.


What is the difference between regular Viviscal and Viviscal Pro?

Viviscal PRO is our strongest formulation available. It has 50mg more per day of the AminoMar™ complex, which comprises most of the formula. It also has additional ingredients of Apple Extract Powder (Procyanidin B-2, 84mg) and essential Amino Acids (L-Cystine and L-Methionine, 50mg). Viviscal PRO is only sold thru medical and licensed beauty professionals. We have over 4000 medical practices actively offering Viviscal PRO to their patients. Viviscal is sold thru national retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and directly to the customer.


There are many hair regimens, some based on folklore or “wellness” and others which have clinical trials to support them. What evidence is there that Viviscal actually works?

The first clinical trial proving Viviscal’s efficacy was published in 1992 in The Journal of International Medical Research. The efficacy of Viviscal is supported in ten published clinical studies, including the most recent double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific research programs which demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in hair shedding, increase in hair thickness and increase in terminal hair count over a six-month period. Additional information and a full overview of the clinical trials can be found at:


Has Viviscal been endorsed by any professional organization?

Viviscal does not have paid endorsements from any professional organizations. We believe in the power of research and education and offer grants and support to multiple organizations like AHRS (American Hair Research Society), CARF (Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation), ASDS (American Society of Dermatologic Surgery) and NAAF (National Alopecia Areata Foundation).


What is the complete Viviscal program? What are the components and how do they work together?

Viviscal supplements are the true “work horse” behind the program. The offer the vital nutrients internally to nourish existing hair growth and to stimulate/prolong the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. While the supplements work on the inside, the topical line of Viviscal Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir are working to protect what is on the outside. They each work to thicken and add volume to thin or fine hair.


What makes Viviscal different from any other regimen?

Viviscal supplements are the most clinically proven hair growth supplement on the market today. No other hair growth supplement comes close to the amount of research that we have completed over the past 25+ years. That is our biggest differentiation. New is not necessarily always best.


What are the ingredients in Viviscal? Are they drugs?

The main active ingredient in Viviscal supplements is AminoMar™, a proprietary marine collagen complex. It is 100% drug-free.


Does lifestyle affect hair health? What other changes should people make in addition to Viviscal?

Lifestyle can absolutely affect hair health. Various lifestyle factors like poor eating habits, smoking, over-styling and stress can contribute to hair loss. More than 50% of women have at least 2 factors that contribute to their hair loss or hair thinning. So, it’s not easy to pinpoint one specific thing. Multiple lifestyle changes may need to occur to help support healthier hair.


Can Viviscal be purchased over the counter or do you need a prescription?

Viviscal is a non-prescription hair growth supplement. It can be purchased OTC at national retailers, or the professional formulation can be purchased thru medical practices and licensed beauty professionals.


Where was Viviscal first developed and by whom?

The exclusive active ingredient in Viviscal supplements was first developed in the 1980s. A Scandinavian professor studying the Inuit populations discovered that their healthy hair and skin was the result of their fish- and protein-rich diet. The professor isolated the key protein molecules from their diet and it was from these origins that the marine complex AminoMar™ was created.


Church & Dwight also offers Toppik Hair Fibers. Can hair fibers be used in conjunction with the Viviscal regimen?

Absolutely! Viviscal supplements are proven to support hair growth in as little as 3 months, but a lot of patients are looking for something that can immediately address thinning hair or hair loss. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are colored organic fibers made of pure keratin protein—the same protein that makes up human hair. When shaken onto balding or thinning hair, the fibers instantly and securely attach to existing hair to fill in areas that are sparse, giving the appearance thicker, fuller looking hair.


Can Viviscal help patients who are planning hair transplant surgery? Should they take Viviscal before or after their procedure?

Patients should always consult with their doctor first. Taking Viviscal supplements 3-6 months prior to a hair transplant surgery can help support the thickening and growth of dormant donor hairs. Post-surgery, to support the healthiest existing hair growth, it has been recommended by hair surgeons to continue with the Viviscal supplements.


Does Viviscal enhance low level laser light therapy?

Viviscal supplements can be used in conjunction with any hair loss treatment like low level laser light therapy, PRP or prescribed drug treatments. Patients should always consult with their doctor first.


Why should hair loss professionals recommend for Viviscal Pro to their clients?

“In a category full of false promises Viviscal PRO is clinically proven to reduce shedding, increase existing hair growth and promote hair thickness.” The easiest option for any client or patient who is suffering from hair loss or thinning. It is drug-free, and you can see results in as little as 3 months just by taking 2 pills a day, morning and night.


How can readers of this article become a Viviscal Professional retailer?

You can sign up for an account directly thru, or reach out to Hair Authority for various specialized programs that can provide proven solutions to offer to your clients and patients.

About: LAUREN DUDEK – brand team and education lead.

A 15+ veteran marketer and global educator in the medical aesthetics & beauty industry, Lauren has combined her passion for hair and philanthropy in teaching about hair loss & thinning to physicians, medical professionals, and stylists. She has spent much of her career as a marketing and practice building consultant for dermatologists and plastic surgeons, as well as creating and launching a custom education course for L’Oréal’s professional skincare brand, Skinceuticals. She now leverages her knowledge within the medical  and beauty professional communities with innovative business building tips and an emphasis on proven products.

Sy and Chris 2015

Goodbye Sy

It is with great sadness that I have to share the news of the passing of my longtime friend and business associate, Sy Sperling.

I first met Sy when I was an advertising executive working on Madison Avenue. Sy and his wife Amy had just started a hair business a few blocks away. He needed marketing and I was happy to moonlight. He liked to meet in his favorite restaurant, an Italian bistro called Antolotti’s, to
develop the sales and promotion material that became the platform for Hair Club. I still have some of the early handwritten business forecasts,painstakingly put together on an old H-P calculator.

We stayed close as Hair Club grew and we constantly exchanged ideas and joked around. Sy had a great sense of humor. Everyone had a nickname and sooner or later fell victim to one of his practical jokes.

After selling Hair Club in 2000, Sy began to devour books. He was an inquisitive and constant reader. His favorite subjects were business startup case histories and historical biographies. I frequently had to bluff my way through a long lunch, pretending to know about an important personality, hoping Sy would do all the talking and not ask any questions. Fortunately, he was happy with that arrangement.

Sy Sperling’s energy and imagination never slowed down. To his friends and to hair loss sufferers everywhere, Sy will always be “… also a client.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 2.05.02 PM


Most hair donated to charity in 24 hours!



On March 17, 2019, a heartwarming, joyous and dramatic event took place on the waterfront in San Diego. Men, women and children from around the country gathered to beat the official Guinness World Title, “Most hair donated to charity in 24 hours.”

The current record was 338.67 lbs. of hair, set on October 14, 2018 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where over 2,300 participants donated. The record-breaking attempt was part of the San Juan Beauty Show.

The 2019 challenge, “The Great Cut,” was organized by Longhairs, a “global fraternity for men with long hair that advocates for hair equality.”  They had one simple mission- to donate 200 lbs. of hair from 2,000 donors and raise $200K for Children With Hair Loss—helping provide a hair replacement for 200 kids.

And succeed they did!  With a record turnout and an army of volunteer cosmetologist and barbers, the team handily beat the world record and officially entered the Guiness Book of World Records. Longhairs commented, “As we are so fortunate and grateful for the ability to grow our manes, we thought it only fitting to partner with Children With Hair Loss. They are an organization of kind and generous people; whose deeds heal the hearts of children and light smiles on their faces.”

“It’s Easy to Take For Granted – Imagine if you couldn’t grow hair.”

The Great Cut website reminds visitors it can be easy to take your own hair for granted, but there are millions of children who can’t grow their hair.

From understanding why, to coping with social acceptance, the effects of medically-related hair loss go far deeper than cosmetic.

Whether it’s from alopecia, cancer treatments or other causes, most kids are just trying to live a normal life.

The problem is, a human hair replacement with proper care and maintenance can cost up to $5,000 a year. For most families, it’s an expense they cannot afford.

Children With Hair Loss

The Great Cut is exclusively benefitting Children With Hair Loss, a nonprofit charity that provides free, customized human hair replacements & care kits to children facing cancer treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns and other medically-related hair loss.

They’re the only organization of their kind who serve these children completely free of charge, with no hidden fees, financial reporting or required appearances.

In 2018 Children With Hair Loss provided 540 children with hair replacements at zero cost to the families.

They are making a difference for hundreds of children every year but doing it all without charging requires a lot of hair donations and a lot of financial support.  That’s the purpose of The Great Cut.

By hitting its goals, The Great Cut will help Children With Hair Loss provide 200 children with quality hair replacements over the next year.

An International Challenge

Hair donors, hair cutters, volunteers and supporters were invited to make it real and change a child’s life and be part of history. And turn out they did!  While the East Coast was expecting snow and more cold weather,

The Great Cut challenge kicked off beneath blue skies and a balmy 74F ocean breeze.  It seemed all the stars were aligned to make this a very special day. There was music, craft beer, food trucks and in the background, sailboats sliding across San Diego harbor.

But there was a serious side to the event also, dressed in a formal black suit and standing on the sidelines was an executive from The Guinness Book of World Records monitoring proceedings and ready to bring out the official Guinness scales to officially document the results

It’s Not Over Yet

People who could not attend can still support this program by visiting and make a financial donation or by mailing in their hair

About Longhairs – Longhairs Do Care. If you haven’t met us yet, we’re The Longhairs: a global fraternity for men with long hair. We publish tips and tactics for guys with flow, advocate for hair equality, and celebrate men’s long manes with hair whips and high fives.

We’re the creators of Hair Ties for Guys™, offered with other superior products at, where they donate $1 for every sale to Children With Hair Loss.

About Children with Hair Loss Founded in 2000 by Regina Villemure, Children With Hair Loss has helped more than 3,500 children face their daily lives with confidence and self-esteem, providing customized hair replacements, care kits, support and education, all for free.

Regina Villemure

Many people don’t know that Regina, after helping children for 18 years, was diagnosed with cancer last year and lost her own hair to chemotherapy. The great news is her therapy has been effective and she is in remission. Even throughout her treatment she was going into the office making sure wigs were being sent to the children who needed them.