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Goodbye Sy

It is with great sadness that I have to share the news of the passing of my longtime friend and business associate, Sy Sperling.

I first met Sy when I was an advertising executive working on Madison Avenue. Sy and his wife Amy had just started a hair business a few blocks away. He needed marketing and I was happy to moonlight. He liked to meet in his favorite restaurant, an Italian bistro called Antolotti’s, to
develop the sales and promotion material that became the platform for Hair Club. I still have some of the early handwritten business forecasts,painstakingly put together on an old H-P calculator.

We stayed close as Hair Club grew and we constantly exchanged ideas and joked around. Sy had a great sense of humor. Everyone had a nickname and sooner or later fell victim to one of his practical jokes.

After selling Hair Club in 2000, Sy began to devour books. He was an inquisitive and constant reader. His favorite subjects were business startup case histories and historical biographies. I frequently had to bluff my way through a long lunch, pretending to know about an important personality, hoping Sy would do all the talking and not ask any questions. Fortunately, he was happy with that arrangement.

Sy Sperling’s energy and imagination never slowed down. To his friends and to hair loss sufferers everywhere, Sy will always be “… also a client.”

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