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ISHRS Supports Ukraine

ISHRS Supports Ukraine

ISHRS Supports Ukraine

To help with the Ukrainian humanitarian relief effort, the ISHRS is purchasing $10,000 USD of medical supplies through Cobalt Medical Supply, a company in New Jersey, USA, that is providing discount pricing for the relief effort. The first bulk order will be shipped to Maryland, USA.

ISHRS is working under the organized effort of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America in the USA who is providing the shipping for us via planes that depart regularly out of Maryland to Warsaw, Poland. The supplies will be delivered to the military hospital in Lviv. All money is used directly to purchase medical supplies, as we have free shipping from the medical supply company and from the Ukrainian Medical Association to Poland.

We are collecting monetary donations for a second shipment.

If you would like to donate for this purpose, you may do so via the following link:

(Deadline to donate is April 3, 2022)

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