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What’s the risk of being the most handsome guy?

Dwayne Johnson

Staying That Way!

Staying That Way Vin Diesel The world is full of beautiful people, but it doesn’t always treat them as such. While some have been able to use their appearance in a positive way, others find themselves being ridiculed because they’re not considered “perfect” by society’s standards; this includes both popular celebrities who get asked questions about how much money they make on set every day while working together (e.g., actors like Brad Pitt) and less fortunate figures such Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Angus Young from AC/DC rock band).

When it comes to men with bald scalps, there’s no shortage of heartthrobs in Hollywood. From Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel all the way down to Stanley Tucci or Dwayne Johnson, currently  the highest paid actor. But these same high-profile stars are often drubbed online for their scalp conditions if they make the wrong social or political move. Last year people began commenting on Prince William’s hair loss after he upset royal fans over his spat with Harry. And Elon Musk fared no better when people began tweeting before/after photographs of his newly grown hair after he announced his intention of purchasing Twitter.They have become comfortable in Staying That Way.