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3 Common Causes of Hair Loss Along the Hairline


Receding Hairline - Hairloss along the hairline

Best known as a receding hairline, hairloss along the hairline occurs in both men and women. It is a common phenomenon characterized by either or a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Gradual thinning and loss of the hair along the hairline
  • Progressive loss of hair on the temples.
  • Progressive loss of hair on the top front part of the hairline(above the forehead)

Traction alopecia

Self-inflicted trauma resulting in traction alopecia could be the genesis of hair loss along the hairline. This could emanate from tight hairstyles such as tight braiding and weaving, and tight ponytails that cause strain on the roots of the hair(follicles). Done over a long period of time, the strain could cause loss of the hair follicles. Women of African descent commonly experience traction alopecia. This is because of their braiding and weaving culture that predisposed the hair to follicular loss brought about by strain. When we start braiding our kids’ hair and using strenuous hairstyles, traction alopecia may begin in childhood. This may initially be reversible when hair follicles are still present while the chronic disease is permanent as the hair follicles are permanently gone.

Genetics can cause receding

Genetics plays a part as a causative agent for some hair loss conditions that present receding hairline – hairloss along the hairline. Some particular genes in the body are responsible for receding temples, gradual thinning and recession along the front top part of the hairline as well as loss of hair along the entire hairline.

Autoimmune-mediated receding hairline

Scalp autoimmune conditions occur when the body’s immune system mistakenly identifies the hair follicle cells as foreign bodies and initiates an immune response that ends up destroying the hair follicles. When this response occurs along the hairline, one experiences gradual or sudden hair loss along the hairline and may also affect the eyebrows or beard.


There are myriad causes of hair loss along the hairline. As much as there are hairline remedies in every place you turn, treatment, depends on the causative factor. Getting a proper diagnosis for hairline recession is the key to proper management of hair loss. A hair and scalp professional should perform a physical examination on the scalp to assess the extent of the condition, identify the presenting signs determine and any need for additional tests.


One of the major causes of a receding hairline, especially in women of African descent is tight hairstyles.Avoiding this practice will go a long way toward preventing hairline recession caused by strain.

Early detection and treatment enable faster recovery. Noticed your hairline receding lately? It is time to have it checked. A stitch in time will definitely save nine when it comes to hair loss treatment. and remember,shaving your hair will not grow back your hairline.

Disclaimer: The article was originally posted on the blog of Celestine,

Celestine GitauCelestine is a key trichologist at HairHub Trichology Centre, a pioneer clinic in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has been extensively involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of all hair types of hair loss, in particular afro ethnic hair. Over the years, Celestine has appeared on TV and radio and has frequently been featured in newspaper interviews. She also had the privilege of being a keynote speaker at the first World Trichology Society Summit in May 2021.