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Hair Grow Products From The Past

Hair-styles Ancient

At first

First: You can damage the hair on the outside with careless treatments, but the new, growing hair is of the same quality as the hair before that careless treatment. Second: The name “hair growth products” is not correct either. Even with currently recognized drugs, such as minoxidil and finasteride, you can only keep your hair. Once lost hair is not regrowth. A better name is therefore “hair preservatives”. So preventive means.


Hair growth products from the past

Oily solution against hair loss. In ancient Egypt they thought that the solution to hair loss was to lubricate a lot of fat. About 1500 years before Christ they risked their lives for this medicine. Hippos, crocodiles and snakes suffered. Their fat was generously smeared over the bald man’s head. Even today, the term “Snake oil” is a commonly used term for a cheating product.


Prefer goat urine or pigeon droppings?

In ancient Greece they swore by two methods. Hippocrates was especially a fan of the former: a mix of opium, horseradish, pigeon poo, beetroot and a handful of pitchers was supposed to magically make her reappear. The Vikings were also convinced of the power of bird feces, they smeared goose poo. Aristotle was not very fond of the big message, he preferred smearing goat urine.


Cleopatra and Caesar.

Their recipe for baldness was as follows: boil a lotion based on mouse, horse teeth, bear fat and smear generously. Another tasty meal proposed at the time was burning the genitals of monkeys and mixing the ashes with their own urine. Guaranteed success.


It can also be much simpler.

Stand upside down to increase blood flow to the head. An Englishman even invented a device to be able to stand upside down for a long time.


King Henry VIII.

He mixed the urine of his dogs and horses for his bald bun.


What about music?

In 1896 a scientific study was published in America, which shows that string instruments and the piano counteract baldness, while wind instruments have a bad effect on the maintenance of a full head of hair. This scientist was probably just fed up with the trumpeting boys next door.


Think positive.

Why it took until the early 19th century for this solution to emerge is a mystery to us. Frenchman Emile Couè reported that positive thoughts also prevent hair loss. In any case, always worth a try. His recipe? Say to yourself for a long time: I’m doing from day to day, getting better, better and better.


Back to the bodily fluids.

Swiss farmers swear by bat’s milk and the farmers in Colombia just can’t be licked by cow’s tongues, but they do use their saliva against baldness.


And what about these resources? Still popular today

The owl story. The recipe? Peel and crush an onion. Then apply this gunk on the bald part of the head. Cover with aluminum foil and sleep with it overnight. Repeat this regularly until your partner throws you out of the house.


The lick of a cow.

Just bend down and your hair will come back on its own. This story also continues to do well. Just watch out for the electric fence.


In 3 weeks a full bunch with her again.

When I see such an advertisement, my (transplanted) hairs rise to the roof. The proof is usually: “My friend’s wife, and her mother-in-law, heard that success story at a bingo night from a visitor who heard it at the bakery”


Hans J. Diks, European editor International Hair Authority, Independent expert on hair problems.

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