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Viviscal Offers an At-Home Solution for Patients with Hair Loss

Viviscal Offers an At-Home Solution for Patients with Hair Loss


Due to the current pandemic, many patients are wary of undergoing in-office hair loss treatments. So what advice can you give to patients who want a solution for hair thinning or hair loss without leaving home? Keep reading to find out.

Nourish from the Inside Out

The easiest way that patients can boost hair growth at home is to take Viviscal PRO. Viviscal PRO is a drug-free hair growth supplement that is clinically proven to provide results for both women and men. Viviscal PRO’s unique and potent formula includes key ingredients that hair follicles need to grow healthy hair including biotin, vitamin C, apple extract, and amino acids.

What separates Viviscal PRO from other hair supplements is its exclusive active ingredient, AminoMar® Marine Complex. This proprietary ingredient was first developed in the 1980s by a Scandinavian scientist who noticed that Inuit people tend to have healthy skin and hair thanks to their fish- and protein-rich diet. AminorMar® was created by isolating the particular proteins that are responsible for healthy hair growth. When paired with other hair-supporting ingredients, AminoMar® promotes noticeably improved hair growth in as little as three months.


Viviscal PRO is Backed by Science

Viviscal PRO is proven to work, with ten published clinical trials demonstrating its efficacy. In the latest clinical trials, participants taking Viviscal PRO saw a 57% increase in the number of terminal hairs versus vellus hairs after three months. After six months, users saw an 80% increase in their terminal hair count.

Unlike other hair loss treatments, Viviscal PRO has a safe, drug-free formula that has no known side effects. However, Viviscal PRO is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women, or anyone with a shellfish or seafood allergy.

Viviscal PRO can also be used to boost the results of other hair loss solutions like laser therapy, PRP, and even hair transplants. Viviscal PRO has zero contraindications with other hair therapies and surgeries. In fact, Viviscal actually enhances the results of hair loss solutions like laser therapy, PRP, and hair transplants.


Manufactured with Safety & Sustainability in Mind

Viviscal is made with the utmost care by Church & Dwight using sustainable packaging and safe manufacturing processes. Church & Dwight is dedicated to making great, effective products in facilities with robust environmental, healthy, and safety performance. Church & Dwight works towards this high-performance culture by adhering to well-established principles defined by the company’s environmental and safety policies.


Pair with XFusion for Instant Results

 Viviscal PRO works in as little as three months. However, many patients are looking for a solution that can immediately address their thinning hair or hair loss. For patients seeking an instant cosmetic solution, we recommend XFusion Hair Building Fibers. These colored organic fibers are made of pure keratin protein – the same protein that makes up human hair. Thanks to their natural electromagnetic charge, Hair Building Fibers instantly and securely attach to existing hair to create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. XFusion Hair Fibers come in nine color-matching shades to blend imperceptibly with your patient’s hair color.

When used together, Viviscal and XFusion Hair Building Fibers work synergistically to create fuller-looking, healthier hair in both the short term and the long term.

For further questions, reach out to Viviscal Pro’s customer service team via www.vxprohair.com or through The Hair Authority Store.

When you look good, you feel good. And we can all agree that feeling good is important right now! Following these suggestions will help your clients to treat hair loss without leaving home, so they can both look better and feel better while staying safe.

Taryn WeinstockSales & Education Manager, Professional Beauty – With over 10 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, Taryn joined Viviscal Professional in 2016 prior to Church & Dwight purchasing the brand and has worked in several roles within the company both in the USA and Canada.

Taryn began her career as an Editor at both beauty and lifestyle magazines in Toronto, Canada and prior to joining Viviscal she held positions as Marketing Manager with several beauty brands including Macadamia Beauty and Moroccanoil. She has made many contacts within the industry – professional beauty distributors, doctors, editors and stylists.

Taryn holds a Bachelors degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where she was born and raised and a Journalism degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. She currently resides in Miami, FL with her husband and three children.

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