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The passing of my friend Sy Sperling

Yesterday at approximately 4:15 PM on February 19, I as well as Hair Club, suffered an  irreconcilable loss in the passing of my dear friend Sy Sperling. It will be hard in many ways for me to fully recover from such a loss given the enormous impact and profound  influences Sy had on me and an entire generation of entrepreneurs and young business thinkers.

I will sorely miss him. He was much more than just the founder of Hair Club or an early generation pioneer spokesperson that changed the conventional thinking of TV advertising during that era. For me he was mythological in stature. And as a young man looking to take on the World, he was my own personal “Superhero Action Figure”.

I had often thought of Sy as that “Eternal Optimist”, similar to Pangloss in Voltaire’s tragic comedy “Candide”. Pangloss, like Sy, served as the mentor to the main character Candide who throughout the story was exposed to countless misfortunes and ill-fate events that always had profound life-threatening implications. Pangloss was always by his side as his teacher able to rationalize why at the end of all this misfortune the lessons that will be learned will benefit mankind and deliver Candide to a higher level of wisdom and self-actualization.

Sy was my Pangloss, and I will forever miss the eloquent silence of his strength and the resiliency of his spirit. He will always be thought of by me as the “Soul Engine” of this Company and a Spiritual Healer. In addition, he will always be memorialized of as one of my most influential “lifetime journey companions”. Sleep well my friend.

From a personal eulogy that Hair Club owner, Steve Barth circulated to the Barth Group of hair replacement studios.


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