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5 tips for a Good Hair Day. Edition 3

Good Hair Long

Healthy and shiny beautiful hair is perhaps one of the secrets of a successful woman. She feels better and more confident. Sometimes the hair is even more important than an extensive wardrobe or having lots of jewelry.


The secret

Actually, there’s no secret. The most important thing for beautiful hair is the daily care. Remember that damaged hair lasts just as long until it is cut out and that can take a long time, especially if it annoys you.


The 5 tips

  1. Not satisfied with the current model? Go to another hair salon or get another hairdresser. A new hairdresser might have a great new idea for you.
  2. To choose the best model that suits you, it’s best to put on your everyday clothes. That will help your hairdresser to advise a model that is right for you. Tell your hairdresser what kind of work you do. If you have a representative job, you also need a suitable hairstyle
  3. If you want to refresh your hairstyle take a different color or highlights. Apart from blonde highlights you can now also see them in other colors.
  4. refresh the hair color you can also use an “avocado mask”. Mix a ripe avocado with some olive oil. Apply it to towel-dried hair. Leave it under aluminum foil and/or a towel for 30 minutes. Then rinse.
  5. Another tip for shiny hair. Rinse the hair after washing with:
  • For blond hair Camile tea
  • For red hair Same
  • For brunettes Beer
  • For dark hair Cola


Hans J. Diks, European editor International Hair Authority, Independent expert on hair problems.

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