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Hair transplant on the crown. Thankless work

Hair Transplant Crown

Why is a hair transplant on the crown thankless work?

If you want a hair transplant on the crown (also called the black hole) the attending physician should point out that  the results of being able to treat a crown are limited.


The problem

The problem is the angle at which or in which you look at a crown. If you look in the front mirror, you look at the hair. If you look at your crown with two mirrors, you look into the crown and that makes a big difference. You can compare it to a forest in winter. If you look at a forest, you will see a dark plane of all the tree trunks. You don’t see the soil (your scalp) underneath. However, if you fly a helicopter above that forest, you can clearly see the ground (your scalp).


Double the need for hair

To cover the crown a little reasonably, it takes at least twice as much donor hair as at the front or the middle of your head. That may pose a problem for the donor hair that you need now or perhaps in the future. As long as they can’t clone hair follicles in practice, a reserve of donor hair is always recommended. Even if you use prevention drugs, like Minoxidil or Finasteride, reserve donor hair is still recommended. You don’t know what the future holds. Prevention drugs don’t work on everybody. But if they do, what if you can’t use your prevention drug, for any medical reasons?


Hans J. Diks, European editor International Hair Authority, Independent expert on hair problems.

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