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Hair Visions – a New Level of Customer Support

Hair Visions – a New Level of Customer Support

In our last issue, The International Hair Authority introduced readers to Hair Visions new international headquarters. Today, we go behind-the-scenes to show you those new offices and, in particular, the training center that is being custom built to provide a new level of educational support.

The offices themselves are located on a pleasant tree-lined Avenue approximately .5 mile from the original On Rite/Hair Visions facility on NW 33rd Ave.  It may be only less than one mile away, but it is a different world.

You enter the modern building through two glass swing doors and then turn left into Hair Visions’ reception. As you might expect, everything is crisp, modern and efficient looking. We were greeted by Brenda and waited on the black leather sofa to be escorted down the corridor to David Schwartz’s corner office which looks onto the landscaped grounds outside. It is a calm, purposeful office, much like the CEO himself.

David explained that his priority was to structure the office space so as to facilitate teamwork and staff interaction. This is part of the company’s philosophy of flattening the management structure and empowering staff members from every discipline to contribute to business development and customer service.

Focus on Education

The new Education Center is on the second floor and occupies 3,500 ft.

There is a lounge area where participants can take a break, exchange information and socialize.

And then there is the training center itself which has different zones, each dedicated to a specific function.

For example, there is one area that mimics a typical studio with styling chairs, sinks and all the facilities a technician would expect. It is here that the hands-on demonstrations will take place.

Then there is a classroom area, built to accommodate a large audience and this “zone” is equipped with audiovisual tools and everything necessary to make presentations, host guest speakers and instructors or even organize special events.

Finally, Hair Visions has constructed a special “creative” studio area where models can pose for photographs in a professional setting or for videos that can be filmed both for the company and even for customers websites or blogs.

The size of the educational Center illustrates the importance Hair Visions attaches to customer support. In today’s increasingly sophisticated market, it is more important than ever to acquire, and maintain, advanced technical skills. And just as importantly, those skills have to be photographed or filmed and shared with the public. 

And here is the team who are putting it all together:

Top: left to right: David Schwartz, Renny Nava, Darryl Graham, Lance Centofanti, Brian Freedman, Steve Levy, Bob Rogers
Bottom: Michelle Perez, Christine Graham, Bettina Shukat, Dana Sailsman

Hair Vision’s, has a history of providing sales and marketing materials, but this investment in a brand-new Learning Center takes customer support to a whole new level.

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