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7 tips for a Good Hair Day. Edition 2

Good Hair 7 Tips

Healthy hair

Healthy and shiny beautiful hair is perhaps one of the secrets of a successful woman. She feels better and more confident. Sometimes the hair is even more important as an extensive wardrobe or having lots of jewelry.


The secret

Actually, there’s no secret. The most important thing for beautiful hair is the daily care. Remember that damaged hair lasts just as long until it is cut out and that can take a long time, especially if it annoys you.


The 7 tips

  1. Choose a model that best suits your hair color and hair structure
  2. Avoid too much hair styling and chemical treatments. A simple rule is: The less you do with your hair, the better and healthy it will look shiny.
  3. Do not use too much shampoo. Wash the scalp and let the water run through the hair when rinsing out. Wash twice if necessary.
  4. Only wash your hair when it’s fat. If you have a dry scalp then it was less. Remember, sebum/fat also provides nourishment of the skin.
  5. Use conditioner only on the ends of the hair and not on the scalp.
  6. Find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Experiment with various species and if you have found the right one, stick to it.
  7. Don’t let the sun dry your hair in the summer. Wear a headgear. Looks nice, too.


Hans J. Diks, European editor International Hair Authority, Independent expert on hair problems.

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